“Paul is very professional, happy to answer any questions, great value for money, provided a very thorough and informative report. Highly recommend! Will be passing his information on to family and friends!”

Marija Matijevic

“I run a busy settlement agency and regularly send clients to see Paul for their pre purchase inspections. Clients are always happy and I get a well presented knowledgeable report that is easy to work with.”

Clarissa Thomson

“Engaged Paul for a Building and Pest inspection for a new house purchase. He was very easy to work with and able to accommodate our and the existing owners schedule. His report was easy to read and very informative about the property and building. Definitely recommend”

Travis Windsor

“Paul was fantastic, kept in touch with me when finance was dragging on which I thought was excellent, one less worry for me. He was able to answer every question/concern immediately and put my mind at ease. Also a really friendly nice guy. Thanks Paul! “

Donna Pilgrim

“Paul did our inspection for our new property. Very informative, very thorough, very responsive and very professional. He made the process very easy and very quick turnaround. Highly recommend.

Jaclyn Harkness

Was referred by a friend and very happy with outcome. Received a comprehensive inspection report very soon after he had completed his inspection. I have to say that the, aftercare service and additional information picked up from Paul was first class. He comes well recommended.

Kevin Brophy

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